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Mission & values

About Us

Mission & values


CASRAM’s mission is to achieve economic success through continuous improvement of its production processes, products and services, whilst maintaining high standards of social and environmental sustainability. Pursuit of this goal must enable the company to access adequate financial resources for investments, whilst constantly developing its technical and organizational resources and increasing its competitiveness, especially with regard to the product range and reaction times in relation to market expectations.


CASRAM S.A. considers human resources as the cornerstone of its business success. Its main values are as follows:

- Integrity in relationships and observance of commitments with CASRAM’s employees and its external partners, whether they may be customers, suppliers or public bodies.
- Human relations based on a spirit of open collaboration, free from prejudice and social discrimination, in which social skills go hand in hand with professional ones.
- Abidance of company rules and those governing occupational health and safety.
- Continuous improvement as a tool for personal and professional growth.

Consistent with its values, CASRAM S.A. applies the following principles in the following areas:

Offer excellent performance to ensure full satisfaction of customer requirements at competitive prices and long-lasting cooperation and partnerships (co-engineering approach), in particular for the development of new products.
Human Resources and Social partners
Maintain a high level of knowledge and satisfaction among the company’s management and workforce so that it can rely on a high ability to adapt and respond to changing market conditions rapidly and effectively.

Manage personnel consistently by assigning clear targets and assessing progress based on their achievement.

Continuous training of human resources both technically and professionally.

Social peace (Swiss model) adopted as the underlying principle for management of relations with the company’s workforce and social partners.

Continuous Improvement and Innovation
Innovation and continuous improvement of the production process and its products.

Effective management of the product development process for new products to ensure customer requirements are met within the agreed time frame and budget.
Continuous pursuit of excellence in production processes and automatic interaction of the same to improve product quality, whilst controlling lead times and cost.
Strengthening of its sales network including the promotion of its technical and business skills

Sustainability and Occupational Safety
Continuous development of technical and organizational solutions to improve environmental sustainability and safety. In particular, the reduction of energy waste, CO2 emissions and accidents at work through appropriate investments and staff training.
Finance, Investments and Alliances
Ensure good financial performance is achieved through long-term planning to satisfy the company’s shareholders and guarantee independence in its choice of investment strategies.

Where it would not be possible to act independently, new alliances or partnerships are to be established to ensure greater competitiveness.

Risk assessment
Application of risk assessment techniques on an operational and management level where the predictability of events involves uncertainty: In particular, for the development and industrialization process adopted for new products and for financial and business planning.
Ensure careful management of data and sensitive information by adopting the necessary restrictions.