Processes & technical skills

Quality Control and Certifications

Processes & technical skills

Quality Control and Certifications

Quality Control & Certifications

CASRAM holds the following Certifications:

EN 9100:2016
ISO 9001:2015
ISO 14001:2015
OHSAS 18001:2007

CASRAM is in the process of NADCAP Certifications for Non Destructive Testing as well as Heat Treatments and Sintering. The NADCAP Certifications will be completed by 2021.

Besides an accurate choice of materials and professional workmanship, quality control is amongst the foundation of CASRAM’s succes. According to your needs, CASRAM performs destructive and non-destructive testings and elaborates 3-D inspection reports and material certification sheets.

Dimensional Control
Zeiss Contura G2 10.12.6 With Software Calypso And Head Vast Xxt Indexable
Zeiss Contura G2 7.10.6 With Software Calypso And Head Vast Xxt Indexable
Projector For Profiles Nikon V-12 With Quadra-check 2000 Heidenhain
Altimeter Tesa Micro-hite 900
Altimeter Tesa Micro-hite 600

Hardness Testing
Hardness Tester Rockwell Affri Model 206 Ex
Hardness Tester Brickers 220 (For Hardness Vickers And Brinell) From Gnehm Horgen
Mobile Hardness Tester Affri Metaltest
Micro Hardness Tester Mekton Mh3 (10-1000 G)

Traction Force Testing
Traction Force Machine Galdabini Quasar 200

X-Ray Scanning
Fisherscope X-ray System Xdal Spectrometry
X-ray Gun For Analysis Of Galvanic Coating Niton Xl

Ultrasound Scanning
Ultrasound Scanner Krautkramer Usm 36 S Lemo
Ultrasound Scanner For Welding Surfaces Ge Kc200
Deltascope Fmp30 For Measurement Of Coating Thickness

Electrical Conductivity
Sigmascope Smp10 For Measurement Of Electrical Conductivity

Electron Microscope Zeiss Evo Ma10 (Sem)
Optical Microscopes
Optical Microscope Leica Dm2500m
Stereoscopic Microscope Leica M8
Polisher Forcimat – Forcipol 300 For Polishing Of Metallographic Test Samples
Ecopress 50 For Preparation Of Metallographic Test Samples