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Markets & products

Nuclear Technology

Nuclear Technology

Densram® Tungsten based Alloys

1 Material, 4 Advantages:

High density

Reduction of weight and volume of your radiation shieldings.

Excellent machinability

Achievement of any shape or tolerance, thanks to the NiFe or NiCu binder.

Environment and User friendly

Densram can be produced, machined, handled and used without special precaution to protect the environment.

Mechanical resistance

Densram offers high tensile strength and ductility values, and can be used as structural parts, to simplify designs and reduce costs.

DENSRAM® products are tungsten based heavy metal alloys with a tungsten content of 90-97%. They are available either with a nickel-copper or nickel-iron binder, depending on whether you need a non magnetic material or an increased mechanical resistance. Our customers will therefore always find the best compromise depending on their application. Should a specific chemical composition or characteristic be needed, our integrated R&D is available at any time to define the requirements in a partnership state of mind and develop customized solutions.

Casram is a fully integrated company: from the beginning of the powder metallurgy workshop down to the final dimension inspection after machining according to your drawings, every manufacturing step is located in one single EN 9100 and ISO 9001 certified facility. This simplifies logistics, reduces paperwork and frees up your time.

Material Magnetic Behaviour Chemical composition UTS MPa AMS-T-21014
ASTM B 777-07
(g/cm3) ±0,2
DENSRAM® F1 Slightly magnetic W 90%, Rest NiFe 760 - 1000 Class 1 17
DENSRAM® F2 Slightly magnetic W 93%, Rest NiFe 760 - 950 Class 2 17,6
DENSRAM® F3 Slightly magnetic W 95%, Rest NiFe 730 - 900 Class 3 18
DENSRAM® F4 Slightly magnetic W 97%, Rest NiFe 700 - 850  Class 4 18,5
DENSRAM® C1 Non magnetic W 90%, Rest NiCu 600 - 800 Class 1 17
DENSRAM® C2 Non magnetic W 93%, Rest NiCu 600 - 770 Class 2 17,6
DENSRAM® C3 Non magnetic W 95%, Rest NiCu 600 - 750 Class 3 18


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