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High voltage technology

Markets & products

High voltage technology

High Voltage Technology

Application for high and medium voltage

The quality of the electrical contacts and the reliability of the electromechanical components have founded the renown of Casram for more than ? fty years. Our expertise in the ?eld of powder metallurgy combined with our advanced production technology and analytical methods ensure the supply of sintered electrical contacts which meet your most stringent requirements in the best economical conditions. Our different joining technologies (welding, brazing, back-casting), our equipment for surface treatment in association with modern machining allow us to provide components of high quality ready for the ? nal assembly and therefore streamlining thereby your supply chain. The know-how and the means of Casram ?t into a long-term industrial development strategy. Our team is available at any time to develop solutions and partnerships contributing to your development and success.

Technical equipment

A detailed analysis of the microstructure of the sintered materials with the electron microscope allows the optimization of raw material selection and ? ne-tuning of the parameters of the manufacturing process, from mixing to sintering. X-ray spectrometry is an indispensable tool to check the chemical composition of the raw materials and products in processing. These analysis contribute to the continuous improvement of quality and processes at Casram. The non destructive automated ultrasonic inspection of all soldered surfaces guarantees the perfect quality of the joining process.

Joining techniques

Casram uses different joining techniques: brazing, welding, electron beam welding and back-casting. The back-casting is a technique to create a composite from two metals with very different melting points. The metal with the highest melting point (tungsten) is pressed to create a sponge which is then impregnated with liquid copper. An excess quantity of copper then allows the creation of a composite material W-Cu / Cu. This technique allows the creation of a perfectly homogeneous and solid bond between the two materials.


The reactivity of Casram and its mastering of the sintering and machining processes are key assets to produce any electrical part, whether delivered as a simple contact or a complex component ready for integration. The extensive range of different metal composite allows Casram to ? nd the best compromise between electrical conductivity, arc formation, erosion resistance, hardness and chopping current.

W-Cu contacts for SF6 circuit breakers
The quality of W-Cu alloys combined with the precision machining and the homogeneity of soldering or welding ensures stable mechanical and electrical properties contributing to an extended life time under the most severe working conditions.

WC-Ag and Cu-Cr contacts for vacuum interrupters
The homogeneity of the WC-Ag and Cu-Cr compounds and their mechanical properties make the Casram contacts an ideal solution for vacuum interrupters.

Air blast breakers
The mastering of sintering, back casting and surface treatment enables the realization of complex composites that meet the most demanding requirements.