About Us


About Us




By Federico Kever in Caslano-Ticino (Italian speaking region of Switzerland)
Initial focus: electrical contacts for railway and power distribution applications, as well as carbon brushes.

Expansion of business to Europe

Focus on Western Europe and Nordic Countries.



Foundation KEVER

After the founder’s decease, Federico Kever left a social humanitarian foundation that structures the organization still today.

Foundation of CASRAM RAIL in Italy

A subsidiary focusing on engineering and system integration in the Railway industry.



New Premises in Mezzovico

Completely company-owned new property with a modern workshop and offices.

Implementation of the business unit «Sintering»

Production of tungsten based heavy metal alloys for applications in high voltage power distribution, balancing weights for aerospace and nuclear radiation shieldings.



Continuous upgrade of mechanical workshop

With latest generation 5-axis CNC workcentres for precision machining in aerospace, medical and nuclear industry.

Certification EN 9100

To ensure accordance with highest quality requirements for the Aerospace Industry.



Foundation of CASRAM ITALIANA S.r.l.

And Sale of Casram Rail in Italy.

Nadcap Certification for Special Processes

Certification for the Aerospace Industry:
Non-destructive Testing methods, heat treatment.